Monday, June 04, 2007

NeuroLeadership Summit Debrief

It's three weeks later and I am still digesting a lot of the insights and new connections that came out of the NeuroLeadership Summit, and I expect I will take some time longer to do so. That's the director of CIMBA at left, the sponsoring university, trying to digest a handful of books on the brain. On the right we have the whole group of participants, on the morning of day three, digesting the insights of the first two days so far in an open forum.

I expect many other participants at the Summit will take months or years to assimilate all the insights that emerged: Insights like a new formula for change; a new understanding of the social brain; a new perspective on cultural difference; a new understanding of how expectations shape experience; a new take on engagement.

You will find the complete debrief website here, with photos and stories about each session, along with further resources. There is also a 40 minute interview with me as a podcast, which you will find here.

On a personal note, I was thrilled that my family could be with me in Italy as well: Thats my daughter Trinity on the left, 4 years old, becoming an afficionado of Canova's sculpture. My other daughter India on the right is sharing a moment with my neuroscience colleague from China, Dr Yiyuan Tang.

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