Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Coaching industry resources

These links are resources around coaching within organizations.

Coaching at work magazine - the best journal for OD practioners on the consulting side of workplace coaching.

International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations
- networking, research and ideas on coaching in the workplace.

International Journal of Coaching in Organizations
- an academic journal on workplace coaching.

CIPD Coaching and Mentoring Site
- excellent research, industry data and whitepapers on coaching in the workplace.

Peer resources
- a good cache of research and articles on the coaching field.

Coaching case studies and research

For those interested in my work with large companies, below are some research and general feedback collected, in two categories. My favourite is 'feedback from direct reports' at the end of the list.

Developing formal internal coaches
Does internal coaching work - research on the impact of internal coaches
What the coachees say - feedback and data on internal coaching engagements
Training bank managers into coaches in Asia - Study of 18 branch managers trained as internal coaches

Short programs

Testimonials - feedback from a range of short training programs
Teleconference training - general research and feedback on using this medium

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Announcing the birth of little Rock number 2

It's ... a ... GIRL!

She slipped into the world at 4.21pm Sydney time January 30, with a healthy weight of 3.65kg (about 8 pound).

Despite all the racket she arrived sleeping peacefully.
After being lifted out of a warm bath, she gave a short cry of alarm and then was happy again.

Mother and daughter are doing very well,
little Rock number one is excited.

She doesn't have a name yet, we're waiting to see her character - so far she seems calm and peaceful.

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