Monday, December 10, 2007

End of year announcements including Summit dates and event for parents in NYC

Hi everyone,

As we get to the end of each year, as ritual I like to look back and explore the highs and lows over the year. It helps my brain identify and cement any important high level patterns, which helps with noticing and cementing changes that are happening.

This year has been one of the biggest personally for me ever. There was the birth of my 2nd daughter India, who's now doing great at 11 months old. She's learned to say 'ta', 'dad', and do air-kisses. What more can a dad want.

Then there was the launch of the first NeuroLeadership Summit in Italy, which was a huge success. This event prompted a whole raft of feature stories about NeuroLeadership around the world. The next summits are now planned. Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to hold the next global event in NYC, instead of Europe. It will be held on 28 and 29 October 2008. Another event for the Asia Pacific region will be held in Sydney on 10 and 11 September 2008. More details on both events re posted at

This year was also a milestone personally, turning 40. Despite thinking the world might end, I made it through mostly unscathed. I am thankful to my new mentors this year, in particular one who showed me that even in your 70's one can be making a difference and be inspired, and inspiring, (and embarassingly faster than I am.)

This year I started work seriously on a new book, with my colleague Dr Jeffrey M. Schwartz, for Harper Collins USA. As part of this book I am interviewing dozens of top scientists, which is so much fun I could do it year round. The new book will be out early 2009. It's one of the most exciting projects I have worked on: we explain a whole series of challenges at work through the lens of neuroscience, showing people what is happening in the mind and brain as they try to do too much at once, and other challenges, and what they might do differently.

Another highlight this year has been working with some fantastic people at great companies. I have had the great opportunity to work with people from EDS, where thousands of leaders are learning about their brain through programs we have built. At AIG, I got to train 20 senior leaders as internal coaches, and we were able to show a 17:1 ROI. I continued working with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and am excited to be giving a keynote for their leadership team next year. This year I also got to work with NASA, Citibank, NOKIA and other great companies. A big highlight was running into people from many organizations and finding my book Quiet Leadership being well thumbed through...writing can be a lot of pain, it's great to see it being useful.

Globally, my organization this year opened up in India, which has been very exciting, and opened in the Middle East. Next year we're looking at Eastern Europe and Brazil. We started a major widescale project with the NHS in the UK, and big projects in Africa where we have people in Botswana and South Africa. Our US operation is now our largest business worldwide, and we're operating in 8 different global regions. All in all it's wonderful to be working in a positive industry, where the work we do is making a difference.

Contrary to popular opinion, I don't travel all year, in fact in 2007 a highlight for me has been having close to 4 months back to back of no travel at all. When I don't travel, I hardly leave my end of the street except to swim at the pool, a short walk across the bay. When I have traveled this year it's been to some wonderful places. This year I got to experience Helsinki for the first time, which I liked more than I'd expected. I got to spend time in Venice with my family, which was a real treat. I got to the UK several times, and am enjoying my connections there with some new friends. Between all that I did get to spend a few months in NYC, still my favourite city in the world, and get to Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Zealand and Singapore. A quiet year really?

Finally, one of the biggest highlights of the year was in fact nothing to do with business development or great media, and is a not-for-profit activity. The highlight for me was finding some 'like minds' who Lisa Rock and I are now collaborating with, to introduce the work of NeuroLeadership and coaching to kids, in the form of a new school that's developing. We're also running workshops for parents and educators, with a pilot on 2nd February in NYC. It's wonderful to have the space and opportunity at last to do work like this.

Finally I am eternally grateful to my wife Lisa Rock, to my family, and to colleagues, who have believed in what I believed in long enough that the rest of the world started catching on. This year, the whole idea of Brain-Based coaching is going mainstream, it's wonderful to watch the process unfold.

Happy holidays to all, enjoy the connections with your family, watch out for expectations taking over experience, and may you manage to find a moment of reflection in it all.

David Rock

Where I'm speaking 2008

Below is a list of places I am presenting or teaching, accurate as of December 2007.

January / February 2008 - NYC
• The Conference Board Executive Coaching Summit - presenting two case studies on the ROI of internal coaching
The Exploding Mind - an event for parents and educators in partnership with the Blueman Creativity Center
Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center - keynote for MSKCC's leadership community
Theoretical Foundations of Coaching - Training program for US and Asia Pacific

March - Sydney
• Boss Club, Sydney - The neuroscience of leadership

April - Europe and USA
• London - Opening keynote at the Ashridge coaching conference on brain based coaching
• CIMBA - Presentations in Asolo, Italy
• Las Vegas - one day workshop on Building a Coaching Culture
• Boston - one day workshop on Building a Coaching Culture

May - USA
• Conference board - presentation at the leadership development summit
• Dallas - one day workshop on Building a Coaching Culture
• Plano - workshop for EDS and their clients

September - Sydney
Asia Pacific NeuroLeadership Summit

October - NYC
Global NeuroLeadership Summit

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