Thursday, January 29, 2009

A big start to the year

One thing I have learned about brains is how easily they focus on 'potential threats', and how debilitating this is. An increase in any type of uncertainty can do this. In light of this discovery, and despite knowing full well what is happening in the world, I am focusing on staying in a 'toward' state of mind, finding new connections, making new friends, finding ways of making a difference. I trust that many of you reading this are doing the same.

Here are some of the fun things I am involved in lately. I hope there are things in here that help you make new connections too.

2009 NeuroLeadership Summit open for registrations
In 2009 there will be one global summit, in Los Angeles at UCLA, where many great scientists are based. Please note that numbers are limited to 150, (the number in NYC last year.) We are expecting higher demand so book early if you are keen. Keynotes include Daniel Siegel, author of The Developing Mind, Matt Lieberman, one of the founders of Social Neuroscience, Marco Iacoboni, and other thought leaders in neuroscience. Click here for info or to register.

First Edition of the NeuroLeadership Journal out now
The first edition of the journal is now out, I am really excited by what it represents and the ideas presented. There are papers on insight, mindfulness, emotional regulation, testing the brain, collaboration and more. You can order a copy by becoming a member of the Institute. I have created PDF's of the introductory paper, and my paper on the SCARF model. Email if you'd like these sent to you.

BlueSchool in the media and Gala Fund Raiser with Jon Stewart in NYC
The innovative new school that I am on the board of, The BlueSchool, was recently featured in Time Magazine, on the BBC and on NPR.
On April 2nd, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart is hosting BlueSchool's Annual Gala in NYC. Tickets are on sale now and will sell out fast, at $1000 or $2,500 for special seats. Email Beth at for info or to book. The school is also hiring a new first grade teacher, email for more info.

Results Coaching Systems Update - brand new website
My 'day job', running Results Coaching Systems, has expanded with RCS opening in Brazil this year, taking us to 13 different global regions. We're also proud to launch a totally new website. We were recently selected as the sole partner for Ericsson worldwide for internal coaching programs, and are now working with the US Federal Reserve.

One day 'Building a Coaching Culture' event in NYC - March 3rd.
I am running a special one day event on March 3 in NYC, similar to the ones in Dallas, Boston and Las Vegas last year, for HR and OD professionals who want to understand how to build a wider coaching culture. This covers the brain-based approach, external coaching, internal coaching and leader as coach, with lots of research and case studies on each. The short video here describes what the event is about.

Dramatically cut costs of coaching, while increasing the impact you make
I recently presented a session at the Conference Board in NYC, at the Executive Coaching Summit. I showed how bringing coaching in house, by developing internal competencies in organizations, can cut costs to 10% of external coaching, while significantly increasing the impact from coaching initiatives. I am running a webinar on this topic at 3pm US ET on March 2nd. Click here for more and to register.

Free audio at my podcast site
There are lots of free audios at There are several neat interviews, a discusion about neuroscience and global leaders, and other cool stuff here. This site was recently voted one of the top 5 business podcasts in 2008.

Update on new books
I have two books coming out this year, both of which are a little overdue. 'Coaching with the brain in mind' (see pic on the left) will be out in July. This is a textbook published by Wiley, for people studying coaching. I have worked on this for 4 years, and finally finished it with a lot of help from Dr. Linda Page. My other book, published by Harper Collins, comes out in October. It's called 'The Brain at Work' and it follows two people as they struggle for a day at office, showing the reader what's going on in their brain and how they could be more effective as a result. It's been my most challenging and exciting project ever.

That's plenty for now!
Enjoy the new connections.

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