Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April 09 update

Hi everyone,

Lots of people have been asking me about ways to further their learning about the brain, beyond just reading some books. There are a couple of options emerging now for this, a Graduate Certificate, and a short program.

Graduate Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership
The rumors are true: A Graduate Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership is launching this year. This program will be academically certified by a UK university (credits accepted worldwide). Download a program overview here. We are also looking for people to give feedback about their interest in this program, click here to fill in a quick form.

Theoretical Foundations of Coaching – starts May 12
If you'd like to study the theory behind coaching, especially focused on the links to the brain, but can't take a year to do this, another option is this Theoretical Foundations program. This is a short but intense training program for change agents and coaches who want to dive deeper into the brain basis of change. It's a 12 week, distance learning program for people in the US and other regions. It only runs once a year or so for any one country. Click for info.

An amazing new vision for education
I am just back from the BlueSchool Gala, which was one of the most inspiring and wonderous nights. We raised over $500,000 at a sold-out event with 400 people in Manhattan. Watch a brief video I did about the school, there is also a fantastic video from TIME magazine, with interviews with the founders.

NeuroLeadership Summit Update
The theme this year is 'Toward Integration', and us such this year we are including some leadership experts in the dialogue. Warren Bennis will be sharing his views on change, as will one of the greats of transformation, Werner Erhard. People from a dozen countries are already booked to attend. If you want to be there, it will be good to book early, numbers are limited to 200. Also if you’re planning to get along, I encourage you to purchase audio from earlier summits, to learn from previous year’s sessions. Each year builds on and adds to previous knowledge. There is more background about this year's event on the summit blog site.

New books on the brain
Jonah Lehrer has a new book, ‘How we decide’, which I think is great, and is doing very well. Jonah is another person who is translating neuroscience findings to make it accessible to more people. He participated briefly in the NeuroLeadership Summit last year in NYC, this year he will be featured in LA. I did a fun interview with him which you might enjoy, it’s free to download.

Personal highlights of the last three months
Fitting in some snowboarding recently was a real treat…it took a lot of work to make it happen but reminded me of the importance of switching off at times to let the brain recover. Being 10,000 ft up is great for thinking big thoughts, especially in a country where you can't speak a word of the language - seems to quiet the brain, allowing for new thoughts.

Teaching at Oxford University was fascinating. I had people from around 16 different countries for a day, diving into the brain and leadership. Definitely a highlight was getting to meet Jon Stewart in the flesh at the BlueSchool Gala.

I often get asked if I am ever home with my family. The answer is 'not much'. But the other part of the answer is that I bring my family along with me a lot. The kids actually love to travel and explore new cultures. When I am home, I get to appreciate the beauty of Sydney, and the ocean where I live. And the beauty of my two daughters - here is India, my younger daughter, now two, enjoying some chocolate at Easter.

Where I am speaking coming up
May - Best of OD Summit, Chicago
May - Happiness and it’s causes conference, Sydney
May - The first TED conference in Tokyo
June - Public event in Singapore
June - Oxford University, Said Business School
June - Public events in Prague
July - SHRM international conference, New Orleans

August - India
September - New Zealand
September - Italy
October and November - Many events launching my new book 'Your brain at work'

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