Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Welcome to the 2011 NeuroLeadership Summit

The 2011 NeuroLeadership Summit opens today in San Francisco, with some of the world’s top experts on neuroscience and leadership exploring new ideas and paradigms for developing leaders. This year’s theme, ‘Adaptive Organizations,’ takes a look at how we can apply emerging insights about our brains to create more resilient, dynamic, adaptive organizations.

Some of the questions being explored include:
What determines what we and our employees pay attention to?
Can we really keep our brains more fit?
Why it’s so hard for our brains to make accurate predictions and a process for how to do it more effectively?
How can we get our brains on our side to achieve our goals?
Can leadership assessments really have biological validity?
Does teaching employees how to harness emotions drive performance?
Could turning leaders into heroes be the key to developing adaptive organizations?

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